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Journals I can do easy but...
Still have only two deviations on this friggin account and nothing I've promised in my first journal. What am I even doing with my life?! All I've really done is comment on things and favorite a bunch of random whatever!
So... I have an albino llama now... and I've only posted like, what, 2 deviations? What even is my life anymore?!

Thank you; thank you once again to coming to the show. Uhm... So, for this bit, I’m playing a makeshift David Letterman. Yeah... With that said, this is my Top Ten Miscellaneous uh... things... Despite not being food, I am The Nut, and uh... here we go!

10. Being a nut! Why so low on the list, if I call myself The Nut? Let’s just say that if you put “nut” on your resume, you’re gonna end up salted and bagged at the peanut factory for corn’s sake!

9. Television, even though at this point that’s mostly eaten up by YouTube and Netflix and the like.

8. Anime, because let’s face it, Japan’s a head scratcher, and for me, anime makes it less so... marginally...

At lucky 7: Companionship of friends and family... Until I’ve had enough, at which point, steam blows out my ears. You know it; I know it, just like the cartoons where they go FWEEEEEEEEEEE!

6. Food! ...No comment.

5. The internet! Sure it’s weird, but that’s what I love about it. Just steer clear of Chatroulette. Yeah, nothing to add on that point.

4. Adventure! Preferably out of town because let’s face it, you’ve seen it all, she’s seen it all, he’s seen it all, and of course, I’ve seen it all!

3. Comedy! Above all else, comedy. Especially above horror. So... if Freddy, I don’t care which one, were to waltz on in here like Jagger Hoover on a Tuesday afternoon, let’s just say it’d be embarrassing. And wet.

2. Music, because everybody needs a song! Just ask the beans!

And Number One: Videogames! Yeah... broken record at this point, but I don’t care! It’s at the toppa the list and it stays there! That’s that!

And there you go! That’s the, uh, list. Thanks for listening and, uh, take it away!

The Nut's Top 10 Misc Things
Okay, this was a comedy routine I wrote a while back and I decided to plop it here for the fun of it.
I hope you giggle!Sweating a little... 
What's the best way to submit literature to DeviantArt?
Journals I can do easy but...


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